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Un mostro piccolo piccolo


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Bianca, playing hide and seek, takes refuge in a dark room.

There she seems to see something staring at her. “Help! There’s a monster!” she yells and calls her friends but, when they turn on the light, there’s no one there.

Still, Bianca seems to follow her all the time, until the monster does something unexpected and the girl has the courage to face him.

The monster will never look the same to her again, and they will become friends.

A daily story to learn not to be afraid of fear; stopping to listen and look in the eyes of our monsters can make them small.

The audiobook listenable through Qr-code at the end of the text – recited by professional actors – helps the adult in the path of support to take care of children.


Valeria Angela Pisi – Tiziana Tosi

Un mostro piccolo piccolo

Illustrations by Tiziana Tosi


pages 40

price 15,00

size cm 15,5×23, hardcover

i Tematolibri Series

ISBN 978-88-31237-77-2



  • The story is about a situation that could happen to any child, and in which young readers can identify. From a daily cue emerge possibilities for reflection on their fears and how they can be addressed.
  • The illustrations describe Bianca’s adventure in a poetic way; the watercolor technique, with soft and delicate colors, is particularly reassuring.
  • The simplicity of the story and its linearity make the book suitable for an audience of children, but lends itself to different levels of reading and reflection, capturing the attention of even the eldest.
  • The audiobook listenable through QR-code at the end of the text – recited by professional actors – helps the adult in the path of support to take care of children.



Reader profile

  • children from 4 to 8 years of age
  • parents
  • educators


Author’s profile

Valeria Angela Pisi is a teacher and writer. Passionate about children’s books since she was enchanted, at eight, by a book that her parents brought her as a gift from Prague. She has published several children’s books with several publishing houses. For Didattica attiva/VoglinoEditrice she has published Il guardiano del fiume and Alfi e Betta.


Profilo dell’illustratrice

Tiziana Tosi is a teacher of Italian and art in primary school. Don’t tell her pupils, but since she was a child, she has always looked more at the illustrations in books. Nowdays she has combined her passion for drawings, words and teaching in the books she has created, in one direction: drawing with a baby pen for the little ones who are moving their steps in the path of growth. For Didattica Attiva/VoglinoEditrice she has published Alfi e Betta.

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