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Il Fabbricante di Stelle


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“A delicate, poetic and so light story to get lost in the air and wrap yourself in the blue veil of the night next to those bright points and the glow of the Moon”.

It is a story that walks on tiptoe and crosses the theme of friendship to support the curiosity of every child to know what he does not know: the world and the stars.

It will be Gerald, the Star Maker, (an old gentleman who knows how to turn “stardust” into “real stars”), to allow Viola (an explorer girl who wants to look at the world from above) to discover the infinite.

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Rita Sponzilli

Il Fabbricante di Stelle


Illustrations by the author


pages 64

price 16,00

size cm 19 x 26, hardcover

illustrated in colours

i Narrolibri series

ISBN 978-88-31237-58-1



  • The shape: it is appreciable for the vertical hardcover with measures known to all of us (it is like a tablet); the combination of evocative illustrations and careful content makes the story aimed at little and grown-ups readers.
  • The peculiarity of the story: well expressed even to children are the curiosity to know the infinite (the world and the stars) to be amazed at the grandeur of the sky.
  • The themes: encounter, friendship, curiosity, desire, dream, wonder.


Reader profile

  • Children aged 6 and over



Profile of the author and of the illustrator

Rita Sponzilli is graduated in scenography at the Brera Academy and graduated in graphics in Milan. She has a great passion for art, photography and books, she loves to write and draw his thoughts on any piece of paper she finds, she collects them in a notebook and creates stories for the little ones. She is currently a freelance artist, working on various graphic and scenographic projects.

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