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La casa delle note


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In the forest of music, a special five-storey house transforms its inhabitants into a musical note.
The seven characters who decide to inhabit it, will be the seven notes, each with its own color.
Everyone would like to enter to browse, you just have to insert in the patch Treble Clef and Bass Clef and peek inside!
An illustrated fairy tale to ensure that even children can approach the writing of music in an easy and fun.


Laura Cortese

La casa delle note


Illustrations by the author


pages 28

price € 14,00

size cm 29,7×21, paperback

Illustrated in colours

i Musicolibri Series

ISBN 978-88-31274-54-8


  • A story that reveals to children the fascinating mystery of music in a simple and compelling way, transforming the staff in a friendly and colorful place, full of surprises.
  • It can be read as a simple story or it can become a teaching tool for teachers, with possible practical applications on musical instruments.
  • The basic elements of musical grammar (the staff, notes and two keys) are presented and made familiar in an easy, essential and intuitive way within the narrative framework, thanks to the colors associated with the characters.


Always fascinated by drawing, the author has sought a way to teach music to her younger students, a colorful and simple way that she would have liked as a child.


Reader profile

  • Teachers of preparatory music.
  • Parents.
  • Children from 3 to 6 years


Profile of the author

Laura Cortese graduated in piano at the “Vivaldi” Conservatory of Alexandria and has been teaching piano and musical preparation for several years.


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