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«The text, light and poetic, accompanies the little readers to the concrete discovery of nature with the help of the gentleman with big hands».

In the succession of days, the curiosity of the protagonists pushes them to ask questions and wait for comprehensive answers, to be carried away by his words to become actors of change that gradually emerges before their eyes.

The place repopulates, the air regenerates, the gentleman bends with the weight of the years and the passing of the seasons…


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Sandra Dema



Illustrations by Elvezia Cavagna


pages 64

price 16,00

size cm 19×26, hardcover, paperback with flaps

In coulors

i Tematolibri series | Affrontiamo l’ambiente

ISBN 978-88-31237-59-8

Objective: to contribute children’s awareness of environmental sustainability, the importance of “outdoor” education in contact with nature to discover its treasures, its beauty and take care of it.

The themes: to take care, respect, awareness of action, beauty, wonder, change are the cornerstones around which history revolves.

A text that responds to the call of the 15th Sustainable Development Goal set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda: Life on Earth.


Reader profile

  • Children from 5 years



Profile of the author and of the illustrator

Sandra Dema, from Turin, a writer of children’s books, has published numerous books with several Italian and French publishing houses. She deals with promoting reading in schools and libraries, designing and animating educational activities on civil coexistence, the environment, rights… She also carries out training courses for teachers and parents.

Elvezia Cavagna, from Bergamo, is a freelance illustrator. She deals with adult art training and creative workshops for children in libraries and primary school. She published the book on creative recycling La fattoria delle mollette and the illustrated book Come neve al sole.