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Abitare un mondo


Editorial news

Fourth issue of the series “Live in Ditopoli” created with the aim of offering simple and effective opportunities to introduce to the complexity of the themes of the Italian Constitution, an integral part of Civic Education at school.

In this text we approach art. 9 of the Constitution and the 2030 Agenda, offering ideas for operational paths of ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP. It uses the metaphor of the five Fingers to push children to commit to the goals suggested by the 2030 Agenda.


Donatella Tuberga

Abitare un mondo



4th of the serie Live in Ditopoli


Illustrations by Sara Mancuso

pages 64

price € 12,00

size cm 15,8 x 21, binder

colour illustrated with flaps

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo l’educazione civica series

ISBN 978-88-31237-70-3


A new adventure involves the city of Ditopoli opening to the World and commits to save it! Planet Earth suffers. Its inhabitants cannot fail to notice this and to understand that they must act with sustainable actions.

  • A text of important educational and educational content that combines text and illustrations to make easily understandable to children of school age (primary school in particular) complex themes.
  • The intent is to motivate the reader and make him grow in awareness and responsibility, allowing him to increase his capacity for critical thinking.


Reader profile

  • 5 years and over


Profile of the author and illustrator

Donatella Tuberga has been teaching with passion and creative energy in Primary School for many years. She writes stories for her students, to help them understand the complexity of the world and to bring them to reflect and ask themselves questions. For some years she has been holding theatre workshops for students. She has followed training courses on Teaching of the Shoah, on Citizenship and Constitution as a cross discipline and on the methodology of Service Learning. She has received recognition for her work with students, in national competitions on the Shoah and Sustainable Development. With Voglino Editrice, for the brand Didattica Attiva, she has published Tienimi in braccio, Mano in mare, Democrazia a Ditopoli and I Tesori di Ditopoli. Tienimi in braccio, Mano in mare, Democrazia a Ditopoli and I Tesori di Ditopoli.

Sara Mancuso, graduated in foreign languages, has undertaken an artistic path attending the three years of illustration at the International School of Comics in Turin, partner of the publishing house on this and other projects. Since 2022 she collaborates with Didattica Attiva.

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