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Dedè is a curious bird, he asks himself questions. One day, looking in the mirror, he realizes he has a colorful feather… and asks Mom why does he have that feather.

This is the opportunity for Mom and Dad to tell him his story, of how much Dede was wanted and sought.

And when a generous donor helped them, giving them an egg that they hatched and cared for.

It is accompanied internally by a reading guide, dedicated to parents, to answer their frequent doubts.

With QR code to listen to the audiobook.


Chiara Delìaand Alessandra Razzano


Illustrated book with guide for parents


Illustrations by Nadia Abate


pages 64

price 18,00

size cm 26×21, hardcover

i Tematolibri Series

ISBN 978-88-31237-76-5



  • The book provides an opportunity for parents to start telling the story of the family they gave birth to, from the desire to have a child to his birth.
  • It is also a tool aimed particularly at those parents who must tell the difference between donor and parent.
  • The story is accompanied by a short reading guide in which emotional experiences are explored, sometimes painful and ambivalent, with regard to pregnancies caused by gamete donation and in which answers are provided to the most frequent doubts that may arise.
  • With QR code to listen to the audiobook.



Reader profile

  • Reader profile children from 2-6 years of age
  • parents, educators
  • volunteers and health workers
  • kindergarten teachers



Profile of the authors and the illustrator

Alessandra Razzano and Chiara Delìa are psychologists, psychotherapists with psychodynamic-psychoanalytic orientation. For several years they have been involved in the public and private sector to psychologically accompany couples who have to resort to techniques of medically assisted fertilization, from the preparation of diagnosis to support parenthood and post partum.


Nadia Abate ( Trained graphic designer, illustrator for passion, in her work combines her studies in visual communication with her artistic spirit. She was born in Turin, studied in Urbino, worked in Milan and lived for a time in Auckland, New Zealand. She now lives and works from Turin as a freelance graphic designer. Founder of the collective “animàni” which offers animation film workshops for children and adults, wrote and illustrated the book Create your cartoon (Terre di Mezzo publisher).

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