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La Città delle Mollette


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This is the story of a population all the same, but so much so that they can’t distinguish themselves from each other that they can barely stand where all places are the same and are named the same, where diversity is not even conceived. Where quarrels, brawls and bad mood are the main feature of every inhabitant.

And who can save that world without colors and without history?


Fabrizio Bonora

La Città delle Mollette


Illustrations by Cristiano Grandi

Afterword Maurizio Tucci



pages 56

price €16,00

size cm 22 x 22

illustrated in colours

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo l’identità series

ISBN 978-88-31237-61-1


  • The main theme of this story is diversity as opposed to Homologation: if everything is equal, everything is already provided, there is nothing worth knowing. A poor life that leads to the most comical paradoxes (like hundreds of phones that call all the inhabitants of the city at the same time, and clocks that always mark 1) does not create possibilities for individual growth.
  • The pedagogical experience of the author that, also through writing, makes that words like identity, inclusiveness, values, tolerance, solidarity come to the understanding of children.
  • The illustrations, which bring with them the expressive power of children’s theater, appear as real sets that make the story material.


Reader profile

  • From 7 to 11 years old


Profile of the author and illustrator

Fabrizio Bonora, from Ferrara with many origins: actor, director and musician, especially in the street and where there is no theater. He has acted in many theatres and off-stage spaces in Italy and abroad, with children, as well as with the elderly, in social and health-care sectors. For the brand Didattica Attiva (Voglino Editrice) has published Samir Tre Pesci, il Piccolo Spirito del Fiume.

Cristiano Grandi,illustrator and busker (street artist): with the Grande Cantagiro Barattoli, Compagnia Saltafossum and Rodolfo Bandiera Sciò he has made music throughout Europe. He has lived in Ireland. For the brand Didattica Attiva (Voglino Editrice) he illustrated Samir Tre Pesci, il Piccolo Spirito del Fiume.

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