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La storia della nonna-bambina



A grandmother-child transmits with delicacy and serenity her memories of “a story that she remembers well” and tells it “from a child to the little ones”. She, a Jew, who survived the deportation with the responsibility of ensuring that the memory of those terrible events that took place is not lost, went through those events as a child without losing the joy of living, indeed drawing from those dramatic experiences the strength to tell them to the future generations. So, a “grandmother-child”: “grandmother” because she dedicates it to her grandchildren, the children of her daughter Daphne, who are the same age as she was when she experienced the concentration camp; “Child” because she addresses all children directly so that they always cultivate positivity and hope within them.


Susanne Raweh

La storia della nonna-bambina

the Shoah told to the little ones


Illustrations by Dafna Schonwald


pages 48

price € 14,00

size cm 19 x 26, coloured paperback with flap

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo la Shoah series

ISBN 978-88-31237-51-2



  • The form: aimed at children, this very delicate autobiographical tale gives positivity and hope without neglecting the possibility of providing much food for thought.
  • The transversality of the story: the author, one of the few remaining witnesses, with the help of her daughter, “dialogues” with the very young readers.
  • The themes: hope; joy; the importance of family affections.

“A way to respond to those who, like the author, have raised the problem of testimony after witnesses in recent years” Prof. Deborah D’Auria (holder of the Chair of History of Judaism).


Reader profile

  • Children aged 7 and up



Profile of the author and illustrator

Susanne Raweh, Jewish, born in 1938. Psychotherapist She was born in Bucharest in Romania and lives between Turin and Tel Aviv. She studied English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Jerusalem. She taught at the University for a few years then she moved with her husband Haim and daughter Dafna to Italy. Back in Israel, Susanne changed her profession, she studied Social Assistance with a psychiatric address, specialising in couple and family therapy, working in this sector for eleven years. She was a couple and family psychotherapist at “Amcha”, the Israeli center for psycho-social support for Holocaust survivors and their families. Her cheerfulness and frankness are striking.

Dafna Schonwald, is Susanne’s daughter. She only illustrated this book, for her mother, for her children and for the little readers.

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