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A fairy tale that is both ancient and current, touching deep feelings and the challenges of tomorrow: the preservation of the natural environment and with it of our very survival.

Oreste, the guardian of the river, is facing the greatest challenge, namely overcoming himself to save the river and its inhabitants.


Valeria Angela Pisi



Illustrations by Nina Limoni



pages 48

price 12,00

size cm 15,5×21, hardcover

illustrated in colours

i Tematolibriseries | Affrontiamo l’ambiente

ISBN 978-88-31237-57-4



  • Within the theme of respect for nature, we want to emphasize the fact that pollution involves everyone: the poisoning of the river does not only affect fish, but also involves seagulls.
  • Here the theme of overcoming hatred is not neglected. Oreste – the guardian of the river – must ask his worst enemy for help.
  • And finally, the themes of the generational transition (with the relevance of the imprint of those who are young), of change.
  • Because new problems need to be addressed in a different way from the past and they are asking us to change.

Project realized in collaboration with Ripuliamoci-section of Reggio Emilia.

A text that responds to the call of the 14th Sustainable Development Goal set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda: Life under water.


Reader profile

  • From 6 years


Profile of the author and illustrator

Valeria Angela Pisi is passionate about children’s books since she was enchanted, at eight, by a book that her parents brought her as a gift from Prague. From this passion some children’s books were born and others may will born.

Nina Limoni as a child always drew, even on Christmas morning. But then, growing up, she couldn’t walk all the way down the color road and found herself opening a laundry. Yet, every now and then, his crazy part still manages to carve out a holiday at the International School of Illustration in Sarmede in which, finally, he returns to immerse himself in a sea of watercolors.


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