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A fairy tale carefully full of symbolism that starts from the assumption that each of us and above all EVERY CHILD (or, to put it like the author, “every soul”) carries within themselves the seed of Joy. To reach Joy, the protagonist Fiordipesco, who is sad and lives in a sad world, must first of all become aware of her condition and then deal with a very different reality. As if to say: there is no Light without knowledge, there is no knowledge without experience. Only by integrating the opposites can uniqueness be achieved.


Carla Zappella



Illustrations by Alessandra Tocco


pages 40

price € 12,00

size cm 15,5 x 21, paperback

illustrated in colours

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo la gioia series

ISBN 978-88-31237-46-8



  • The author’s therapeutic activity with parents and children means that, with simplicity but not banality and deliberately in a few pages, she explains to every small or large reader the meaning of each symbol.
  • The narration, combined with the images, means that even a story can have a “cure” aspect. Of course, the author takes care of the reader by weighing every single magical object or character that the protagonist meets.
  • A story that strengthens every personality in a period like the one we live in and the one we leave behind us.


Reader profile

  • From 9 years old


Profile of the author and illustrator

Carla Zappella, a professional nurse and midwife, felt the vocation of being an assistant to the life that borns ever since she was a child. Curious woman and always looking for new awareness, she was trained following numerous courses in disciplines of a spiritual nature. The apex of her path is the Recovery of the Soul, a journey in which Carla, as she would a midwife, witnesses the rebirth of the soul in the person who, getting closer to his own Essence, finds serenity and joy. She has published, with Centro di benessere psicofisico, Il Mio Viaggio and Anime in Viaggio.

Alessandra Tocco of Palermian origin, since childhood has always shown a great passion for books and illustration. In 2019 she graduated in Editorial Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She currently works as a designer and illustrator in Amsterdam. –

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