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In punta di tacco – Scarperentola a spasso nel tempo


News 2021

The first of a series dedicated to accessories, with this exclusive illustrated book with didactic cards, the authors pay homage to the Footwear by which they propose an interesting journey into the history of fashion, customs and traditions, from its origins to the present day. through the evolution of this much loved accessory. Curi
Curiosities and anecdotes make the publication suitable for both an adult audience and school-age children.

Access via QR-code, present in the book, to in-depth information, operational cards, educational and recreational activities.


Giovanna Milan, Alessandra Baron

In punta di tacco

Scarperentola a spasso nel tempo


Illustrations by Alessandro Baron


pages 80

size cm 16 x 23, paperback

price € 12,90

illustrated in colours

book + PDF + video


i Didattolibriseries

ISBN 978-88-31237-28-4



  • The opening words: The story of Cinderella at the ball is the pretext for an interesting excursus on the history of Western footwear – and consequently of costume and fashion – from Ancient Egypt to the present day. From the strangeness and excesses of the fashion of the past, a new and interesting interpretation of contemporary style.

  • The didactic part: a valid tool for re-evaluating the importance of footwear in its value as a status symbol and as a political tool and rediscovering the changes in our customs, hand in hand with technological innovations and the use of new materials.

  • The attached materials can be downloaded for free from the publisher’s website: PDFs and videos for educational use.


A QR-codeinside the book will give access to in-depth information, operational cards, educational and recreational activities.


Reader profile

  • kids aged 6 to 10
  • primary school teachers
  • passionates about custom and society



Profile of the authors

Giovanna Milan, Venetian author, passionate about theatre and storytelling, graduated from DAMS in Bologna, attended a Masters in Italian L2 Didactics at the University of Padua; a specialisation course in Museum Education at the University of Ferrara; a specialisation course in Born to Read NPL 0-6 at the University of Padua. She worked as operator at the Museum of high fashion footwear in Villa Foscarini Rossi (Stra – VE).

Alessandra Baron, illustrator from Veneto, attended the Boscardin Technical Art Institute in Vicenza and subsequently graduated in Architecture from the University of Venice. Since 2009 she has set up personal exhibitions in exhibition spaces dividing between Lisbon and Vicenza. Since 2013 she has had several editorial publications to her credit as an illustrator.

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