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Kyoto Butoh-kan


A poetic journey into the Butō dance following the words of its founder Hijikata Tatsumi: “All the power of civilised morality, hand in hand with the capitalist economic system and its political institutions, is fiercely opposed to the use of the body simply as an end , means and instrument of pleasure. In a production-oriented society, the use of the body without purpose, which I call butō dance, is a mortal enemy that must be taboo “.

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Fabio Massimo Fioravanti

Kyoto Butoh-kan


Photographs and interviews by the author

Texts by Katja Centonze and Maria Pia D’Orazi(scholars), Paolo Di Paolo (journalist)


Trilingual text: ItalianEnglishJapanese


pages 224

size cm 23×29, flexible with flaps

price 35,00

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ISBN 978-88-31946-19-3



«In September 2016, in Kyōto, I knew that a small theatre dedicated entirely to Butō dance, of which I was a fan, had recently opened in the city. I asked if it was possible to take photographs … I came to a dōzo – which has now become the first theatre in the world dedicated to Butō’s performances – which for centuries has survived the destruction of wars and the fire that often injured Kyōto … Since then I have photographed and interviewed the three Butohkan dancers: Ima Tenko, Yurabe Masami and Fukurozaka Yasuo. Three dancers from different generations but very important artists of this art “.
Thats how the text begins, full of emotions and suggestions between writing (also in English and Japanese) and images. The aim is to highlight the oriental tradition, dance, and the small “first permanent theatre” dedicated to this art in Japan: the Kyoto Butoh-kan.


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  • passionates about oriental culture

  • passionates abot photography

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Author’s profile

Fabio Massimo Fioravanti (Rome 1955) after graduating in Literature began his career as a professional photographer working with magazines (Italian and Japanese) and publishing houses. He is the author of numerous reports on Japan. He collaborates with artists – painters, musicians, writers, actors, performers – on multidisciplinary projects in common and with the JPARC (Japanese Performing Arts Research Consortium). In 2020 he won the International Award of the Cesare Pavese Foundation. He has published various books including: Elegia Siriana / A Syrian Elegy, CasadeiLibri Editore 2016; La Via del Noh / The Way of Noh, CasadeiLibri Editore 2014; La vita dei monaci Zen, Novale Editions 2011; Per Alberto Moravia: luoghi e ricordi, Edizioni Empirìa 2007; Imagine Uzbekistan, Edizioni Novale 2006. He is the author of numerous exhibitions – personal and collective – in Italy and Japan.

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