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Il metabolismo intelligente


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The method to regain an extraordinary physical shape and well-being, in a healthy, fast and lasting way, by exploiting the self-regulating power that the human body naturally possesses.

The new version is updated and integrated with new content in compliance with the evolution of nutritional theories that the author constantly studies and re-elaborates thanks also to the notoriety that his method has acquired in the last three years.

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Manuel Maria Turolla

Il metabolismo intelligente

Metabolic Control

2nd edition



pages 272

price € 20,00

size cm 14×21, paperback with flaps

SaperEssere series

ISBN 978-88-31946-38-4




  • A method that has changed the lives of hundreds of people explained in a simple and practical way With testimonies and concrete examples to immediately begin a real psycho-physical transformation.
  • An effective and functional tool that provides, in a direct and simple way, the indications to obtain a balanced body (reduction of excess fat; smooth and luminous skin; younger tissues; absence of cellulite; much more energy; desire to live; self-confidence).


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  • aged 18 and up


Author’s profile

Manuel Turolla is a biologist and nutritionist. Graduated in Nutrition Sciences, Physiotherapy, Communication Sciences, graduated in Structural Osteopathy and Applied Naturopathy, he deals with health and well-being with a systemic and integrated approach. At the centre of his studies are the structural, biological and communication dynamics that characterise the human being. He is responsible for the Cervical Pro method, a specific system for rebalancing the cervical spine and is responsible for the “Metabolic Control” method for the natural rebalancing of the metabolism.

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