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La Casa Editrice

Voglino editrice is a small publishing group based in Turin and with dissemination in Italy and Europe. It’s an umbrella brand that includes the Didattica Attiva (born in 2013) and Musica Practica (born in 1997) brands.

It consists of a small group of artists (actors, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers) who put their art at the service of culture and its dissemination through the Book and the activities that can support its dissemination.

Our aim, and therefore that of the publishing house, is to disseminate issues of social and civil commitment (Voglino editrice) and give shape to projects of expressive activity (Didattica Activa) and educational music (Musica Practica) based on teaching methodology and practice, in which experience is at the forefront.

The necklaces in our catalogue are dedicated to:

  • readers passionate about social issues;
  • teachers, educators, trainers, speech therapists, health professionals, theatre operators, artists, musicians and photographers.

For this reason we publish fiction, illustrated books, game books, manuals, methods, essays, scores

The dissemination takes place through the national distribution, through the promotion of workshops, seminars, conferences, artistic events (theatre, music, graphic-pictorial, photographic), and with the participation in the main international fairs (Frankfurt, Rome, Turin, Milan).

The Team

Cristiana Voglino

President and Editorial Director

Igor Sciavolino

Musical Editorial Director

Aura Di Cesare

Communication Manager

Giorgia Gatti

Orders Management

Adele Mappelli

Press Office