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La voce e i suoi colori


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A manual designed for teachers, educators, trainers to save and strengthen the voice, a valuable and indispensable tool.

A text rich in information and ideas, written by a teacher-actress, to learn more about her voice, improve its incisiveness, colors, beauty and rediscover the joy of communicating.

The Qr-code inside will give access to audio, exercises.


Elena Zegna

La voce e i suoi colori

Per migliorare benessere, consapevolezza ed efficacia della nostra voce a scuola come in scena


pages 128

price 15,00

size cm 14×21, binder

SaperEssere series

ISBN 978-88-31946-41-4



  • Very useful for all teachers, from primary school to university, to improve their way of communicating with techniques, examples, teaching tips, experiences, curiosity. The author has thirty-five years experience of teaching in secondary school, teacher-training courses, theater readings, workshops on the use of voice and communication in the classroom.
  • It is a method not only aimed at the voice, but also at the training of a teacher and an educator. It addresses the potential, effects, care, talents, colors, educational aspects and techniques of the teaching voice. and insights.

  • For novice teachers as well as for more experienced teachers. An excellent support for a conscious vocality, to avoid risks to the voice, acquire competence and vocal professionalism, improve expressivity and encourage the durability of the voice over the years.

  • The Qr-code inside will give access to audio, exercises.


Reader profile

  • teachers and educators
  • trainers of any discipline, school, grade, age
  • lovers of reading aloud


Profile of the author

Elena Zegna is teacher of Literature, actress and trainer. She graduated in Theatre History with Gian Renzo Morteo, she trained in acting with Massimo Scaglione and in voice acting at the Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan. She has been teaching for thirty-five years in secondary school, holds training courses on the use of voice at school, communication workshops, interpretive reading meetings, performances for literary-musical reviews for foundations, festivals and literary circles. She has acted in famous theatres in Italy and abroad. She has collaborated with important actors and musicians. For years she was the voice of the writer Marisa Fenoglio, sister of Beppe Fenoglio.

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