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La scrittura che cura


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A self-therapy manual, a path of self-healing through writing, in which to tell and talk about oneself, get to know each other better, open the drawers of memories, get rid of what makes us feel bad.

A creative elaboration of one’s emotions and memories following the ideas offered by great protagonists of international literature.

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Viviana Hutter

La scrittura che cura


pages 208

price 15,00

size cm 16×23, paperback whit flaps

coloured inside

Saper essere series

ISBN 978-88-31946-35-3



  • Writing can make us feel really good, it helps to reconcile us with emotions and memories, it allows us to face the ghosts of the past and free ourselves from emotional burdens that we struggle to abandon.
  • Born from a creative experiment carried out by the author during writing workshops dedicated to delicate topics.
  • Through 15 appointments with oneself, one passes from the processing of pain and memories of the past to the achievement of freedom, to finally feeling happy.
  • A book with which to reflect, open up, remember and in which to write, compile, draw, taking all the time necessary to feel good on their own.


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  • adults


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Viviana Hutter, has been involved in graphics and web communication for years, is an author and storyteller for children. She writes and illustrates stories in verse, nursery rhymes and children’s books and leads creative writing classes for adults. Prolifics of didactic proposals, in the Creative Pedagogy series of Didattica Attiva he inserted her manual Creative writing for children is used by primary schools in Italy and in the United Kingdom as a support tool for workshops and courses for children, Scrittura creativa per mamme stressate, Il mio quaderno della lentezza, Il mio quaderno del coraggio, Il libro di Paura, Imparo e risparmio con Topo soldino, and Play with art-Gioca con l’arte and Il mio quaderno della Gentilezza. For our series of fiction (the Narrolibri), on the theme of Alzheimer’s, she wrote Lo Sparanumeri.

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