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La gemma delle fiabe


Editotial news

Born from the multi-year activity of the Baby Gym school (which combines physical activity for children, English and fun), here is the first interactive book in the saga for children. Characteristic of the illustrated story and of the book itself is the adventurous style where children have to help the protagonist pass the tests to capture the gem and save the children’s imagination. These tests must be actively passed, with the help of various attached videos (viewable through QR code).

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Laura Canuto, Pierluigi Begni

La gemma delle fiabe

of the saga “La grande gemma dell’armonia”


Illustrations by Lucia Simonis


pages 48

price 11,50

size cm 15,5 x 21, paperback

illustrated in colours

i Didattolibri series

ISBN 978-88-31237-47-5



  • Multidisciplinarity in the text: the structure of the book integrates the narration, with the learning of a few sentences in English, and the realisation of physical activity following the video tutorials and the completion of the attached videogames.
  • The themes: respect, courage, tenacity, discipline.
  • The purpose: to create a means that allows parents to make children’s physical activity and the study of the English language exiting.


Reader profile

  • Children aged 3 and over



Profile of the authors and illustrator

Laura Canuto and Pierluigi Begni are teachers of Physical Education and Recreational-Motor Activities for children, they obtained a Master’s in the United States and founded the “Baby Gym” in Turin 25 years ago, which offers recreational and motor activities with directives in English and is the first gym in Europe for children from 4 months to 10 years. They have dedicated their lives to this great project: a program for the correct psycho-motor development of children from the first months of life, with the dream that all children can feel “capable”!

Lucia Simonis Lucia Simonis is an illustrator from Turin. Specialised in the history of costume, art and fashion, over the years she has dedicated herself to the illustration of fantasy for adults and children. She signs her works under the pseudonym of Calien. For Voglino Editrice, with the Didattica Attiva brand, she has illustrated Il conte Merlo e il drago di Piossasco and Le gemelle diverse.

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