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A collection of writings addressed to little brothers and sisters of newborn children who undertake to face three frequent questions: How do you wait for a brother who is born but is not there? What does it mean to have a brother born as a small child who stays in an incubator? And why will it take him so long before he comes to play with them? Through stories and nursery rhymes, this book tells about the steps needed to grow up enough to be able to go home, but also about the anger, boredom of waiting, fear, curiosity and happiness that it feels when a small baby is born.

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Giovanna Cacciato, Anna Ambrosoli


Stories of little brothers and sisters of very young children


Illustrations by Francesca Rossetti

Text edited by Luisa Pellegrino



pages 64

price € 14,00

size cm 16,8X24, paperback

illustrated in colours

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo un nuovo arrivo series

ISBN 978-88-31237-41-3



  • It is from the internal experience of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the S. Anna hospital in Turin that this book is born, which follows on Fagiolino e la giraffa, aimed at very young readers.
  • The writer is well aware that there are children who are born suddenly. too early, too small, they are very small. And there are some sisters and brothers who are waiting for them and asking themselves many questions: How many days does it take before they come home? Where did my parents (as I used to know them) go? How big is needed to become to leave the hospital? But also: how many emotions can you feel in the meantime?


Reader profile

  • From 3 years old


Profile of the authors, the illustrator and the curator

Anna Ambrosoli, psychologist, psychotherapist, consultant in Neonatal Intensive Care Hospital – S.Anna – City of Health and Science of Turin. Within the ward, she deals with the training and psychological support of parents during hospitalization and in the first months after discharge. Giovanna Cacciato, psychologist, psychotherapist, Head of the SSD Psychology S.Anna City of Health and Science of Turin. She coordinates psychological support activities within the various departments and clinics of the osteric-gynecological hospital.

Francesca Rossetti, illustrator, set designer and costume designer with a long theatrical experience in Italy and abroad. She has collaborated with other publishing houses (Elliot edizioni and Il Ciliegio Edizioni). Nowadays, she is a collaborator of Didattica Attiva.

Luisa Pellegrino, graduated in Asian languages ​​and literatures with a research doctorate in modern literature, is an highschool English teacher, translator and reader for some publishing houses. She has published articles, poems and short stories and is co-founder of Diastema magazine.

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