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La regina del sorriso


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A good queen, but really too pouty, decides to transform her way of behaving, first trying unnecessarily to take possession of the joy of others, then seeking the advice of some experts (the Master of Colors, the Sapient of Grace and the Grand Jester Risol) that infect her with glasses and colorful clothes, with the taste of knowing how to say “thank you” and with the habit of daily laughter.

In the end, with commitment and training, the queen will transform. Finally happy, she will immediately want to share with her colleagues kings and queens what she learned and that gave her a smile.

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Elena Zegna

The queen of smiles


Illustions by Gabriele Sanzo



pages 44

price € 15,00

size cm 16,8×24, hardcover

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo l’allegria series

ISBN 978-88-31237-74-1


  • The funny characters that the queen encounters in her “training” journey and the overly pouty look of the queen herself make up the funny side of the narrative.
  • The illustrations bring out the extreme irony of the characters.
  • From the fairy tale some teachings are drawn: not wanting to appropriate the happiness of others, not giving up in front of an obstacle BUT instead trying to transform what we do not like with the advice of wise and experienced people, lose the habit of complaining and learn to say thanks, train every day to achieve your goals, seek sharing with friends, know how to smile and laugh every day despite the problems.
  • With QR-code to listen to the audiobook.


Reader profile

  • children from 6 to 10 years of age
  • parents and educators


Author’s profile

Elena Zegna is teacher of Literature, actress and trainer. She graduated in Theatre History with Gian Renzo Morteo, she trained in acting with Massimo Scaglione and in voice acting at the Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan. She has been teaching for thirty-five years in secondary school, holds training courses on the use of voice at school, communication workshops, interpretive reading meetings, performances for literary-musical reviews for foundations, festivals and literary circles. She has acted in famous theatres in Italy and abroad. She has collaborated with important actors and musicians. For years she was the voice of the writer Marisa Fenoglio, sister of Beppe Fenoglio. She published La voce e i suoi colori for Voglino Editrice.

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