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This is the story of a friendship between a very different boy and girl, but so different that they will manage to create something unique. A special invention, never seen before! Their friendship and affinity will allow them to face unexpected events and overcome them all with determination.


Valentina de Caro



Illustrations by Mauro Cinti


pages 56

price € 13,00

size cm 15,5 x 21, paperback

illustrated in colours

i Narrolibri series

ISBN 978-88-31237-65-9


  • The author’s passion for innovation, creativity, new ideas, is transmitted to children. Being able and having to try to realize your own ideas, even if wrong. The important thing is to try and improve. Always.
  • The basic theme is the friendship born on the school benches, which turns into a very strong bond, which leads two friends to look for new ideas to create a unique invention, special to be different from all others, from the society in which they live.
  • Another theme is the ability to embrace the unexpected. For the two protagonists nothing goes smoothly, many are the unexpected, they combine very funny troubles, but in the end they manage, in their own way, to realize their invention. Rambling, kneading, not working, but they have succeeded. Indeed, they are ready to do it again, and even better.


Reader profile

  • From 5 to 9 years old


Profile of the author and illustrator

Valentina de Caro, Neapolitan by birth and by vocation, she approached very young to digital marketing and makes it her profession. Passionate about travel and stories, she is not afraid of the blank page and talks about stories for boys and girls in her blog. She writes to continue traveling even from the couch. Mauro Cinti,works and lives in Umbria, alongside the profession of architect and illustrator. For his work he prefers traditional techniques such as ink, pastel and watercolor and manual drawing. His stubborn production led him to actively participate in national and international competitions.

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