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Le matite sbriciolate di nonno Antonio


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The book deals with a theme common to grandparents and great-grandparents of many Italian families and never addressed in school books: the Italian military deportation after September 8, 1943. Through the discovery of some drawings made by grandfather Antonio, prisoner of war, two siblings, Agata and Nicola tell the difficult condition of the detention of Italian soldiers in the Nazi concentration camps.


Antonella Bartolo

Le matite sbriciolate di nonno Antonio


Illustrated by Sara Mancuso


pages 48

price €16,00

size cm 16,8 x 24, hardcover

illustrated in colours

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo la deportazione Series

ISBN 978-88-31237-69-7



  • It is an important contribution to the theme of Holocaust. In the book there are the original drawings made by Captain Antonio Colaleo, prisoner in concentration camps of Poland and Germany from 1943 to 45. The drawing becomes the means through which the transmission of our history to the world of children is realized, in turn, they become the protagonists.
  • The author, with wise communication skills, knows how to speak to children, since she is strongly involved in school workshops to address the difficult issue of war with children. The illustrator chose to use the mixed form of the “drawing-document” that enhances History and Fantasy.
  • It is a true story, which involves and awakens in young people the desire to go in search of their roots.


Project supported by national associations ANRP, ANEI, ANPI andISTORETO.



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Reader profile

  • From 7 to 10 years old


Profile of the author and illustrator

Antonella Bartolo, graduated in Political Science at the University of Turin, has worked as a freelancer in some Piedmontese newspapers and has been responsible for the communication of a leading company in the energy sector. She is the author of Matite sbriciolate. I militari italiani nei lager tedeschi: un testimone, un album, una storia comune (Ed. Rubbettino).

Sara Mancuso, graduated in foreign languages, has undertaken an artistic path attending the three years of illustration at the International School of Comics in Turin, partner of the publishing house on this and other projects.

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