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Piano piano, lento lento


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A musical walk in rhyme to do playfully with children, with slowness and without distractions, with speed and breathlessness.

Plot: a child follows the flight of a showerhead in the sky, while a little girl carefully follows the terrestrial path of an ant; another child undertakes to collect the moon segment reflected in a puddle. Going “piano piano, lento lento” (slowly, slowly slow) allows them and also us to get out of the logic of doing to enter the dimension of feeling and savoring, deep down, every moment.


Eleonora Bellini

Piano piano, lento lento


Illustrations by Erika Visconti


pages 48

price 12,00

size cm 15,5 x 21, hardcover paperback

illustrated in colours

i Tematolibriseries| Affrontiamo la serenità

ISBN 978-88-31237-52-9




  • The rhyming story unfolds like a cheerful walk to the rhythm of words.
  • The choruses that are repeated, with small variations, after each verse entice you to read aloud and even to sing the text or to dramatize it, alone or in company. All this is a stimulus to empathy and collaboration.
  • The message: our day is more beautiful if we know how to see (and we stop to look) what surrounds us. This knowing how to see, this attention increases not only the awareness of what is around us, but also that of our body, our emotions and our thoughts.


Reader profile

  • From 3 years old


Profile of the author and illustrator

Eleonora Bellini lives in Eastern Piedmont where she directed for many years a public library. She is the author of books for both adults and children. Among the latter, the most recent are: Ninna nanna per una pecorella (Topipittori, 2009 and Uovonero, 2019), included in the national bibliography of Nati Per Leggere and translated into Spanish, French and Corsican; L’elefante e la formica. Gandhi nelle lettere del nonno (Nonsoloparole, 2016, Books for Peace 2017 prize in the section “Interreligious dialogue”);Adalgiso e il mistero del maniero (La Ruota 2018); La casa in riva al mare (Fabbrica dei segni 2019); Casa di luna (Il ciliegio 2019); Non dire il tuo nome/ Don’t say your name (Il ciliiegio 2021).

Erika Visconti (aka Destiny) is an illustrator of Piedmontese origin who graduated from art school and then from the International School of Comics in Turin. She collaborates with Italian and foreign artists and brands.



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