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Storie della buonanotte


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Here great values ​​are narrated (friendship, love, sharing, exploration, resilience) and together we play! Each narration is associated with a playful activity to be carried out with the children. Thus, if at night they fall asleep with an enchanted tale, during the day they will be able to create fun and educational jobs.

“But don’t worry dear mothers: as soon as you manage to have a moment of relaxation all to yourself, you will also find (fabulous!) Indications for experimenting with do-it-yourself detox masks and many anti-stress delicacies.”

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Silvia Casini, Raffaella Fenoglio

Storie della buonanotte

for pestiferous princesses and fabulous monsters


Illustrations by Federica Lauria


pages 88

price € 14,00

size cm 15,5 x 21, paperback

illustrated in colours

i Narrolibri series

ISBN 978-88-31237-44-4



  • The variety of the text: the rhyming words are delicately placed on the illustrations to ensure that the narrated story conveys emotions and develops the imagination of young readers; recreational and educational activities also promote self-esteem and strengthen the bond of complicity with parents.
  • Themes: Friendship, Love, Loyalty, How to face bad dreams with a pinch of magic.
  • The message: Being a parent is a demanding “job”, but it is also true that children are able to give us daily amazement. They are a precious gift. Therefore, dialogue is essential, as is protecting and enriching the imaginative universe of small puppies.


Reader profile

  • Reader Profile Girls aged 3 and up (rowdy or not!)
  • Moms of all ages (perhaps stressed out, but indisputable superheroines!)



Profile of the authors and illustrator

Silvia Casini works in the film industry and collaborates with some newspapers. She has published several books, including Il gusto speziato dell’amore (Fanucci), Gli occhi invisibili del destino (Golem Edizioni) and La cucinna incantata (Trenta Editore), the latter written together with Raffaella Fenoglio and Francesco Pasqua.

Raffaella Fenoglio is the author of Tre Civette sul Comò, the first food blog with the glycemic index at a minimum, from which the books Abbasso l’indice glicemico (Terra Nuova Edizioni) and Indice Glice Amico (Gribaudo) were born. She cultivates a passion for children’s and childhood novels; she has published Gala Cox (Fanucci) and Otto giorni per diventare furba (Giunti).

Federica Lauria, born in Rome in 1984 and graduated from IED in 2006, is mainly an illustrator for children, although she does not disdain even more adult themes. She has collaborated over the years with several Roman publishing houses and with an art gallery, first dedicating herself to a traditional processing method and recently moving to the digital one.


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