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Brilliant way to teach the most complex concepts with simplicity. A full-colour game-book for children: to learn the complex world of economics and teach it to adults.


Viviana Hutter


finanancial education for children


pages 48

price € 10,90

size 17 x 24 cm, paperback

Pedagogia Creativa series

ISBN 978-88-98538-92-8



A great way to teach more complex concepts with ease.

A colourful game-book for children: to learn the complex world of economics and teach it to adults. Know the value of what you have and what you want.

  • What is the value? What is an exchange?
  • What is a shop? What does it mean to buy?
  • What does it mean to sell?
  • What does it mean to earn?
  • What does “running the economy” mean?

Easy and fun exercises, creative games, reflections and ideas for learning concepts
even more complex ones such as in action and the spread. Suitable for playing at school, but also at home, while travelling or on vacation.


Reader profile

  • Children from 6 to 10 years


Profile of the author

Viviana Hutter, a Neapolitan mother of three children, has been involved in graphics and web communication for years and is now a storyteller and author for childhood. She writes and illustrates stories in verse, nursery rhymes and children’s books. With the IOD Edizioni she has published Let ‘s have fun with art (2016) and participated in the Coro poetico per la pace (2015). Her stories Miss Pace and Mrs. Guerra and Revontulet are part of the Racconti di Natale collection: a gift for little patients to the Bambin Gesù. Her Scrittura creativa per bambini manual is used by primary schools in Italy and the UK as a support tool for workshops and courses for children.

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