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Piccoli musicisti


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What if the children explain the music to us? How? It is enough to have a method that allows them to take the place of teachers to explain to adults how to perform the proposed exercises together. And so this simple manual achieves a twofold objective: to provide the musical rudiments and, above all, to stimulate the creativity of children by helping them to interact, as protagonists, with their parents, grandparents or adults who follow them.


Umberto Ceccon

Piccoli musicisti

Small manual for great musicians


Illustrations by Irene Tarticchio


pages 112

price 14,00

size cm 16 x 23, hardcover

illustrated in colours

i Didattolibriseries

ISBN 978-88-31237-33-8



  • The double frontal structure of the book, with indications for the children towards the parents, and for the parents towards the children.
  • The author’s experience as a musician and as a teacher of Music Education in elementary and middle school, and his methodology based on active teaching.
  • The educational strategy based on empowering children to consolidate learning, self-discipline and self-esteem.
  • The captivating illustrations of Irene Tarticchio along all the didactic units of the text.


Reader profile

  • Children from 6 to 10 years
  • Parents and grandparents of children learning music


Profile of the author and illustrator

Umberto Ceccon, born in Turin in 68, is a jazz musician. In addition to teaching and concert activity, his work for more than 5 years has been based on synesthesia between images and music. He collaborates with the photographer Giuseppe Chiauzzi with whom they perform exhibitions. On the site in addition to the disc and videos illustrates the work more widely.

Irene Tarticchio, Valdostan, illustrator and figurative artist, is known in the world of animation film for taking part in the cartoon of “The Seagull and the Cat” with the production company La Lanterna Magica. For Didattica Attivashe illustrated Lo zio che faceva volare gli autobusand Mano in Mare.

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