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Cuor di leoncino 2


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Also in this little book, the protagonist – a young lion – faces and overcomes some of the “classic” fears of the evolutionary age, managing to overcome the social and affective obstacles.

The three short stories in this second volume of the series “The Adventures of Jonny Johnny” focus on friendship in all its various forms. It is with the help of friends that the little lion Johnny Johnny, faced with a particular fear, identifies and overcomes it.

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Eunice Florenzo

Cuor di leoncino 2

Le avventure di Johnny Jonny – vol. 2


Illustrations by Denise Pietropaolo


pages 72

price € 10,50

size cm 12 x 16,5, hardcover

coloured with flaps

i Tematolibri | Affrontiamo l’educazione emotiva Series

ISBN 978-88-31237-63-5

  • The work is enriched by illustrated colour plates, which mark the main passages of the narrative – creating an effective balance between text and images.
  • Themes: empathy; actual relationships; self-awareness; managing emotions; making good decisions; resources to educate.


Reader profile

  • Children from 3 to 6 years


Profile of the author and illustrator

Eunice Florenzo was born in Ischia in 1984. She attended the classical high school, graduated in Accounting, attended the University with address Diagnostics and Restoration. Well-known hotel entrepreneur, she is a mother passionate about reading and writing. She is here on her narrative debut with the character she created, the little lion Johnny Johnny. She is represented and supported by the literary agency Contrappunto House Of Books, involved for years in projects to promote and spread reading in schools of all levels, throughout the country; Therefore, she expects to be able to work with this project in the kindergarten and primary school classes that will join the initiative. For Didattica Attiva she published “Cuor di Leoncino 1“.

Denise Pietropaolo was born in Naples in 1984. She attended the art high school and graduated in Diagnostics and Restoration at the university sister Orsola Benincasa. She worked at the excavations of Pompeii. She paints paintings and devotes herself to Art in all its forms. With Eunice Florenzo has realized the editorial project starring the little lion Johnny Johnny.

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