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Storie di numeri


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A fairy tale where nature, numbers, words are intertwined with magical and fantastic elements. Numbers are part of ourselves, of our lives. Mathematics is everywhere, but it is necessary to have an open gaze, to look with mathematical eyes in order to grasp them, to breathe them, to make them ours so that they show their playful and fun side and can become our allies.

With a Qr-code to listen to the audiobook.

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Antonella Casadei

Storie di numeri


Illustrazioni di Alessandra Baron

pages 32

price € 14,00

size cm 16,8×24, hardcover

Colour illustrated book

i Narrolibri series

ISBN 978-88-31237-71-0



  • Mathematics is everywhere you just need to observe what we have near with new eyes, the eyes of discovery with a sensitivity that tastes like magic. A fairy tale where numbers, words are intertwined with the moral of a joke punished with a socially useful work, in this case the recovery of numbers.
  • It is a story full of waiting and adventure, exciting, in which you meet new friends. The goblin becomes one with the surrounding landscape that admires, listens, observes to grasp every aspect. In this way he manages to capture the numbers that are around us and part of us, waiting, silently to bring them out, know them, feel them friends and then play and have fun with them.
  • With a Qr-code to listen to the audiobook.



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Profile of the author and illustrator

Antonella Casadei, born in Romagna, she is a primary school teacher and boasts about 35 years of service. Since 2009 she is part of the Pascoliana Academy, for the dissemination of the poet’s poetry. She actively deals with learning mathematics. Her project “Problemi da orto” published in the magazine Paesaggi educativi was exhibited at the National Conference of Mathematics in Castel San Pietro and later included in the book Didattica della matematica, ed. Il Ponte Vecchio. She is also a volunteer reader of the project “Nati per leggere” of Italian pediatricians.

Alessandra Baron, illustrator from Veneto, attended the Boscardin Technical Art Institute in Vicenza and subsequently graduated in Architecture from the University of Venice. Since 2009 she has set up personal exhibitions in exhibition spaces dividing between Lisbon and Vicenza. Since 2013 she has had several editorial publications to her credit as an illustrator. For Voglino Editrice, with the Didattica Attiva brand, she illustrated In punta di tacco – Scarperentola a spasso nel tempo and Lettera al Destino.

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