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Muta io? Zitti voi!


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Today the H has decided to tell all its vicissitudes. It will talk about how useful it has been in the past and how it is still today: in interjections, in abbreviations, in surviving proper names, of animals, of food etc. in making the sound of “g” and “c” hard.

It will help the protagonists to understand its use with the verb to have. But beware: tired of having to defend itself from the “letter killers”, it threatens to escape. And if that were to happen, we would be responsible for the dramatic consequences.

There are no alternatives: to H we must give the respect it deserves!


Carola Sessarego

Muta io? Zitti voi!

the letter “h” breaks the silence



pages 48

price 11,50

size cm 21 x 12,5, paperback with flaps

illustrated in colours

Libri per creare series

ISBN 978-88-31237-60-4




  • The simple and clear drawings and explanations make it easy and fun to learn even those few grammatical rules necessary for the correct use of the letter H. Learning to correct mistakes becomes a useful practice to consolidate the learning of grammar and spelling. As in all the books of the series, even here the little readers approach school concepts in a fun way.



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  • for everybody



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Carola Sessarego,born in Genoa in 1967, has been doing graphics for 30 years. She has designed and paginated books for everyone and all types. When she was 50, he decided to design his own. She believes in communication, in all areas and at all levels, and to do so she thinks knowledge and mastery of the language is necessary. And graphics is the tool with which she believes that is possible to be more effective in conveying content. She knows that every child is special and that has the right to be stimulated and intrigued, both by the family and the school, both of which have the purpose of training and educating the new generations. Individuals who will have the appropriate tools to express their thoughts, defend their rights, improve the society in which they will live. With Didattica Attiva she published the successful series mentioned above.

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