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Il Violino tra Cielo e Terra | Guida per l’insegnante


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The agile “Teacher’s Guide” to the innovative method to teach children to play the violin in a gradual way, starting immediately with the full bow with empty strings. Clear and precise explanations, suggestions and practical measures on posture and performance and purpose of the exercises and repertoire.

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Giulia Bombonati

Il Violino tra Cielo e Terra

T eacher’s guide


Preface by Peter Appenzeller

Illustrations by Umberta Prat


pages 24

price € 10,00

size cm 15×21, staple

i Musicolibri Series

ISBN 978-88-31274-71-5



  • Clear and precise explanations for all the elements that make up the 3 parts of the Student’s Book.
  • Description and purpose of each activity or exercise.
  • Tips and tricks to better develop the skills of the student.
  • Gradual path to set the arc technique, tested in years of experience.
  • A method divided into 3 parts and experimented over the years by the author with her students, to train and excite children to the violin from the first approach.
  • To complement of the student’s book.


Reader profile

  • violin teachers

  • teachers of municipal and private music schools


Profile of the author, the preface and the illustrator

Giulia Bombonati began playing the violin at the age of 4. After graduating in Viola at the Turin Conservatory, she attended the Stauffer Academy and began her collaboration with Italian and international orchestras and joined various chamber ensembles. She teaches music to children by applying Steiner pedagogy.

Peter Appenzeller, graduated in Piano, is choral director, composer, teacher and trainer. Author of choral songs for children and adults and composer of musical fairy tales, conducts seminars of musical training throughout Europe. He composed and directed the opera Frate Francesco.

Umberta Prat, illustrator, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and illustration at the International School of Comics in Turin.

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