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Cinque danze alla fine della notte



Eugenio Colombo is one of the greatest Italian saxophonists.

Five magnificent sax duets that fill a gap in the saxophone repertoire and in the study of the instrument’s high register.


Available in PDF format.

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Eugenio Colombo

Cinque danze alla fine della notte

Suite for two saxophones
to the conquire of the summit


Foreword by Luigia Berti


Score + Mp3 + PDF

Technical indications in Italian and English



pages 44

size cm 23,5×31, staple

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Saxophone Collection series

ISBN 978-88-31274-32-6



  • Five short pieces of about 2-4 minutes each, for soprano / alto and tenor saxophone, of great charm and musical enjoyment.
  • Originally composed for the soundtrack of the film Alla fine della notte by Salvatore Piscitelli in 2003.
  • The pieces fully exploit the technical possibilities of the two saxes and some explore the high register of the instrument.
  • Excellent test bed for the technical study of complex rhythms.
  • Effective concert pieces.
  • Intermediate-advanced executive level.



As a saxophone teacher at the Conservatory, the author noted a certain lack of compositions for two saxes both in teaching and in the concert repertoire. With these five dances he therefore contributes to fill this gap.


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Profile of the author

Eugenio Colombo, saxophonist, flautist, Roman composer. Initially self-taught, he then graduated in Saxophone at the Frosinone Conservatory. He is one of the best known Italian saxophonists in the European jazz and creative improvisation area. He has collaborated with Giancarlo Schiaffini, Giovanna Marini, Anthony Braxton, Demetrio Stratos, Misha Mengelberg, Bruno Tommaso, Steve Lacy, Cecil Taylor, Martin Joseph. He is one of the founders of the Italian Instabile Orchestra. He has composed for solo instruments, saxophone quartet, string trio, big band, brass band with improvising soloists. He taught Saxophone and History of Jazz in the Conservatories of Rome and Matera. He is currently a teacher at the Frosinone Conservatory.

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