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Otto piccoli pezzi per Matteo


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«Writing well in a simple way is anything but simple». A small collection of small pieces dedicated to the composer’s little son and to all the children and their parents. A delicate and intense fresco on childhood in eight short pieces of two pages each, performed not only by concert performers, but also by piano lovers and students. A modern, simple, exciting music

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Walter Gatti

Eight short pieces for Matteo

for piano


Preface by Chiara Bertoglio and Marjan Mozetich


Technical notes in Italian and English



pages 24

price € 18,00

size cm 23,5×31, staple

Music Collectionseries

ISBN 978-88-31274-63-0


  • A collection of 8 short and easy pieces, also executable by non-professional pianists.
  • A delicate portrait of a child and his childhood: the composer’s son.
  • The compositional style is modern and elegant, worthy heir of the best Erik Satie and close to Michael Nyman and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  • It is simple to perform and therefore allows professional pianists to best express their expressive skills; but it is also accessible to piano enthusiasts and students.
  • With Qr-code to listen to the tracks


Reader profile

  • Professional pianists
  • Amateur pianists
  • Piano teachers
  • Piano students


Profies of the author and the prefacer

Walter Gatti, composer, organist, harpsichordist, choir director. He teaches in several institutions of the metropolitan city of Turin. He has given concerts in Italy and Europe as soloist, in duo and in choral and instrumental formations. He has composed for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensembles, organ, harpsichord and piano. He has received several commissions, including the orchestra of the University of Bamberg, Germany. He has published in Germany, Switzerland, as well as with Musica Practica.

Chiara Bertoglio is a concert pianist, very active in Europe and in the United States, she has released CDs with Da Vinci Classics, Brilliant Classic, Velut Luna. As musicologist, she deals with piano repertoire of Mozart, Schubert and Schumann, for Italian and German publishing houses.

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