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Il clarinetto nel cinema


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How film music works and how the clarinet is used in soundtracks.

In which films the clarinet appears on stage played by fake actors and played for real by famous musicians. The composers who best highlighted the clarinet in their soundtracks. And then actors, directors, musicians, composers of 120 films that have made the history of cinema from the 1930s to today and in which the clarinet is the protagonist of the soundtrack, with the score of the beginning of each melody and numerous photographs of some scenes with clarinet.

A book for all lovers of cinema and music.

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Gianluca Campagnolo

The clarinet in the cinema


Preface by Sergio Delmastro



pages 176

price € 17,90

size cm 15,5×23, paperback with lapels

Scritti di Musica Series

ISBN 978-88-31274-58-6


  • There are many students of clarinet in the Middle Schools with Musical Address and in the many civic and private courses, as well as clarinetists in the bands of every Italian town. After piano and guitar, the clarinet is the most popular instrument among amateur musicians.
  • This book will also attract professional musicians curious about how their instrument is seen and employed in movies and soundtracks.
  • A book written with language accessible to everybody, rich in stage photographs: famous people, musicians, actors, directors, composers of film music.
  • The third part contains short scores of 120 melodies entrusted to the clarinet in as many films that have made the history of cinema from the 1930s to today.


«The name of Gianluca Campagnolo is well known in the world of the clarinet thanks to his excellent publications dedicated largely to the teaching of this instrument.
The surprise in finding him in this capacity of profound connoisseur of the film world is therefore particularly welcome.
This book provides an exhaustive analysis of countless aspects related to soundtracks, particularly where the clarinet takes on a leading role in music.
Campagnolo delves into a long series of uses of the clarinet in cinema, also through a good number of written examples».

Sergio Delmastro


Reader profile

  • amateur and professional clarinettists
  • clarinet students
  • music lovers
  • movie fans


Author’s profile

Gianluca Campagnolo, clarinetist, plays in concert in Italy and abroad both solo and with orchestras. He held several master classes in clarinet at Universities and Conservatories in Jakarta and El Salvador, and in Spain, France, Holland. Ha inciso per Da Vinci, Taukay, Vermeer, Centaur, Bongiovanni, AmadeusArte, Eco. He has published two methods for clarinet with By Bess Edizioni and C.D.B. He has written specialized articles for several music magazines.

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