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Stories that tackle contemporary themes: the importance of appearance in modern society, the need to emancipate and find one’s own path in a conformist world, accepting one’s own diversity and living it as an opportunity rather than a limitation.


Antonietta Guadagno

The invisible monster

and other stories


Illustrations byGiuseppe De Ponte


pages 48

price 14,00

size cm 15,5×23, with flaps

i Narrolibriseries

ISBN 978-88-31237-90-1


  • A way to provide important lessons to young readers in a new form for a teacher.
  • Stories born from a unique reading experience: during the pandemic, the author broke down all physical and cultural barriers by virtually entering the homes of some students, making her presence felt through the reading of some of her stories.
  • The stories in this book do not all have a happy ending: while not hiding how difficult life can be, they carry a message of hope that puts the children at the center.



Reader profile

  • Children aged 8 and up


Author’s profile

Antonietta Guadagno, originally from Campania, has lived in Piedmont for many years. She graduated in Biology from the University of Naples and worked for several years as a teacher of Mathematics and Science in middle school, then as the principal of a comprehensive institute. She writes stories, not only for children, some of which have been published in anthologies. But, above all, she is a poet, having published three volumes: Le voci di dentro, Nulla è per caso and Al poeta non servono scarpe. She has participated in many literary competitions, also receiving significant recognition.


Illustrator Profile

Giuseppe De Ponte illustrator with a degree in DAMS from Turin, lives in Paris and works in the IT sector. He also nurtures a passion for writing.

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