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Canzoncine per fare, giocare, capire, imparare


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56 songs of simple structure and easy to execute with didactic instrumentation easily available also at home. Clear and concise practical instructions for the educator. Cute colorful drawings and coloring for children.
Each song also contains objectives aimed at specific functions or knowledge that children will internalize through attention, listening, self-control, musical language, fine motility, relationship with others.
Suitable for music teachers, parents, educators, animators, music therapists, speech therapists.


Elena Enrico

Songs to do, play, understand, learn


Preface by Maria Cavallo Belmondo

Drawings by Sara Mancuso



pages 72

price €16,00

size cm 15×21, staple

i Musicolibri Series

ISBN 978-88-31274-77-7



  • Application of specific purposes also for the recovery of children with difficulties.
  • Tips for developing specific motor aspects.
  • Rhythmic discipline that conditions the execution of actions in relation to time.
  • Through the natural attitude of children to movement, the songs are aimed at developing specific skills.
  • Melodic and harmonic ear, rhythmic sense, vocality, fine motility, orientation, memory, motor sequences, attention, personal talent, expressive ability, listening.



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  • music teachers
  • parents
  • animatori
  • educators
  • speech therapist
  • music therapist


Profile of the author and prefacer

Elena Enrico, graduated in Piano, has worked in theater, radio and concert. For over fifty years she has dedicated herself to the development of children’s skills and talent with particular attention to the growth of skills even in subjects with difficulties. Since 1994 she is a founding member of the Italian Suzuki Institute. She organizes educational training courses for musicians in Italy and abroad. She is president of the Musical Garden Association, founded in 2007 to spread her methodological paths.

Maria Cavallo is Professor of Speech Therapy at the University of Turin.

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