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Il suonatore di liuto (The lute player)


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In a summertime Verona, the entrepreneur Carlo Bianchin risks the bankruptcy of his company: his partner leaves him. Everything falls apart. A bookseller friend tells him about a novel about the Artic Sea, the ship that had disappeared years before with its load of timber.

In Cremona, as a luthier, Carlo meets Irina, a charming and mysterious Russian musician with whom he shares the admiration of Caravaggio’s painting: the Lute Player. Carlo, to track down the captain of the missing ship, goes to Odessa where he risks his life. He commissions the construction of a lute. Playing becomes a methodical and reflective activity. The luthier dies shortly after the delivery of the instrument, another inexplicable death follows. A difficult case for Commissioner Calosso.

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Nicola Garofalo

Il suonatore di liuto (The lute player)

Enigma with crime


Preface by Massimo Tallone



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size cm 14×21, binding with flaps

Scritti di Musica Series

ISBN 978-88-31274-81-4

  • Compelling novel. Cultured writing, full of readings and quotes. An “Existential Noir” with protagonists (the entrepreneur, the bookseller and the luthier) who live their solitude without complaining.
  • The theme that emerges is the difficulty of understanding everyday reality, the fear of getting lost and vanishing into thin air like the composer of 1500 Davide Rizzio.
  • The novel talks about music as a search for harmony even in those who have no talent and have not studied. Reading and writing fill the loneliness of the bookseller.
  • In this Noir the evil appears sweet and persuasive, enveloping. The author puts us in a suitable position to see that death that we otherwise avoid. The luthier must complete his mission: evil is a duty, a task to be performed at all costs.
  • But adversity also brings good. Those who investigate, the commissioner, come to a solution thanks to culture. Writing is only comforting for those who practice it.


«Nicola Garofalo, newcomer to noir, worked on the intentional tampering of the genre after the course ‘Le frontiere del noir’, kept in mind that it is the task of noir to remember that sometimes there is no solution to evil, there is no remedy, there is no answer» Massimo Tallone


Meeting “Dalla musica al romanzo” at Salone del Libro of Turin 2023 in Sala Lilla with Nicola Garofalo, Roberto Monaco and Attilio Piovano – Presentation with Cristiana Voglino and Igor Sciavolino | Watch video



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Profile of the author and the forerunner

Nicola Garofalo (Turin 1953). Graduated in Modern Letters Historical Address. He worked in Italian and English banks. For over a decade he has been Area Manager for Eastern Europe and Middle East markets. In 2009, he published chapters in “Trade Finance” and “Guida al commercio internazionale”, books published by Sole 24 Ore. He has long been involved in training and dissemination and has been a speaker at conferences organized by Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations. He is making his debut as a novelist. He organizes reading workshops.

Massimo Tallone. Writer and essayist of national fame and book therapy expert. He has published several essays and novels with Fratelli Frilli Editori, Utet, Edizioni E/O, Golem, Buendia Books, Edizioni Del Capricorno. Since 2011 he has collaborated with the newspaper La Repubblica, for which he writes articles and serial stories. He is a founding member of Torinoir and is artistic director of the School of Communication and Writing Colleggio Benjamenta (former “Facciamo la Lingua”).

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