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Bella Stella


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A book that collects the testimonies and memories of fellow musicians and fellow harpists and many photographs of Gabriella Bosio, the backbone of the contemporary harp of the last 40 years, both as an interpreter of contemporary music and as an extremely innovative teacher for the diffusion of the harp among children and in the Conservatories.

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Bella Stella

The music and the teaching of Gabriella Bosio


cared by Franco Bergamasco and Elena Bosio


Foreword by Letizia Belmondo

pages 272
price €20,00
size 14×21 cm, paperback
Scritti di musica series
ISBN 978-88-31274-93-7


«An excellent harpist and a great teacher». This is what perhaps anyone could learn, perhaps by hearsay, of Gabriella Bosio (1953-2022), the musician who held the chair of harp at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Turin for thirty-eight years. They are and remain the two essential data.

But a much more complex, articulate and lively picture was revealed to a direct knowledge of the artistic personality and the work of Gabriella, deeper and longer in time. A very lively and well-present picture in the memory of the many who gathered, remembered and spoke of her in the painful days of her sudden death. In those days someone proposed to collect and make known a series of testimonies. But the number and variety of interventions, their interest and often their strong and sincere emotional intensity made it clear that there could be something more: so many different voices, so many modes of exposure and narration that this book recomposes and structure.

Here then appear before us the young instrumentalist who finds herself suddenly playing a repertoire almost unknown to her in one of the most famous theaters in the world, at the other end of the Peninsula; a protagonist of national importance among the performers who gave life to the great season of contemporary avant-garde music in Italy; an obvious natural musicality, but combined with an absolute professional scruple; «an imaginative musician, fussy, eccentric, curious, purposeful, full of ideas and never boring». Here is a successful teacher for the quality and the number of fruits of his school, who discovers with enthusiasm the world of musical education at an early age and, in this area, thinks and builds for his instrument a method that gives soon extraordinary results, replicated in Italy and abroad by colleagues who adopt it: I play the harp, published in five languages and successfully distributed continuously since 2002 to date. But, perhaps above all, we will see «the spontaneity, the positive impulse, the generosity» of those who «knew how to create an atmosphere of joy among people», a lot of joy and also of goodness.

«Those who have known Gabriella will not be able to forget her», many say. Perhaps not even those who know her through these pages.




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