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Elephants in Blue Suits

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Flavio Gatti

Elephants in Blue Suits

Fantasy For Four Harps

on a theme by Gabriella Bosio

(Easy version)

Score and parts

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ISBN 978-88-88662-96-1




Young Harpist Ensemble Collection

Edited by Gabriella Bosio

The series We Play the Harp is primarily designed to acquaint the young harp student with chamber music repertoire and therefore increase skill in musical arts. The pieces have been created also for optional playing with other melodic instruments (for example, flute, violin, clarinet, etc.) and in the bass clef (cello, bassoon, piano, etc.). In this way it is possible to perform small “symphony pieces”, ideal for public musical performances.

The pieces have been composed for lever harps. The alterations for these harps are shown inside a square, using roman numerals to show the exact indication of the lever to be changed. Whenever possible, these alterations are noted at the beginning of the piece or in the place where it seems best to change them. The pedals are indicated, as is traditional, with letters.

Each piece contains the score and the individual parts for each instrument including fingering, where considered necessary. The bass part, even though it includes bowing directions, may be played by any “continuo” instrument. All of the individual parts may be photocopied.

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