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Il violino magico di Adalberto


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From the author of the lucky Impariamo il violino, a modern and fun method to teach children the violin: from the empty strings to the 2nd position.

The adventures of the cute and enterprising fox Adalberto guide the student in learning the first basic elements of violin technique.

The colored notes facilitate the approach and make it appropriate to the age of the students (5-10 years).

Popular songs and songs from the classical repertoire, along with colorful drawings and elements of active creativity allow the child to immerse himself in the study of the violin with imagination and fun.

Many songs and exercises are duets in which the child is accompanied by the teacher.

At home children can continue to practice duet thanks to the mp3 recorded bases accessible via QR-code.

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Ursula Schaa

The magic violin of Adalberto

Method to learn to play the violin

through individual and group lessons


Preface by Antonello Farulli

Drawings by Giulia Burzi


pages 64

price € 20,00

size cm 22×29, metal staple

i Musicolibri Series

ISBN 978-88-31274-75-3


  • Exercises in the form of easy songs.
  • The music is clearly visible, written on large staves and with colorful notes.
  • Many songs have a second accompanying voice for the teacher or other student.
  • Audio tracks listenable from the site with QRcode.
  • Small elements of music theory are explained as they are used to perform the exercises.
  • Spaces for children where they can become composers.
  • Easy and gradual method that allows children to play small songs early, with lots of music to play together.


Reader profile

  • violin teachers
  • parents
  • beginners from 5 to 10 years


Profile of the author, the preface and the illustrator

Ursula Schaa, after graduating in Violin, Didactics and Musical Propaedeutics in Fribourg, Germany, moved to Bologna, where she studied with the Maestro. Enzo Porta. She plays in orchestra and chamber ensembles. She teaches violin at various institutions, also for preschool age. She holds refresher courses as a trainer. She has published several books, methods and articles. She is part of the European String Teacher Association (ESTA).

Antonello Farulli, viola of the legendary Italian Quartet, is one of the most active Italian violists both in concert and in education. Lecturer in Salzburg, London, Bologna.

Giulia Burzi, freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


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